Steve Martinez

Los Angeles based urban artist, Steve Martinez, is best known for capturing the frenetic West Coast lifestyles through the lens of a camera or the bristles of a brush. Seizing the raw energy of everything from skateboarding to punk music to the hard core lowrider scene, Steve brings these fringe elements to life like no one else. When he's not artistically enhancing the city of angels he can be found working behind the scenes of Playboy Magazine.

Steve Soto - The Adolescents

Tony Cadena - The Adolescents

The Adolescents

Steve Soto - The Adolescents


Greg Graffin - Bad Religion

Bad Religion



Keith Morris - Circle Jerks

Keith Morris - Circle Jerks

Pinch - The Damned

Dave Vanian - The Damned

The Damned

D.H. Peligro - Dead Kennedys

The Dickies

Greg Hanna - The Dickies

Torry Castellano - The Donnas

Lee Ving - Fear


Mike "Gabby" Gaborno - Manic Hispanic

Ray "Bones" Rodriguez - Manic Hispanic

Ray & Mike - Manic Hispanic

Mike Vallely - Revolution Mother


Steve Jones - Sex Pistols

Happy Tom - Turbonegro

Kathy "Kickball" Goodman - Vivian Girls

Cassie Ramone - Vivian Girls

Fiona Campbell - Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls

Dix Denny - The Weirdos

John Doe - X